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Impact Innovations - We.Spray.Future.

Compared to other thermal spraying processes, cold spraying offers particular advantages, as the coating material is neither melted on nor melted off during the process. This minimizes the thermal impact on the coating and substrate. The high kinetic energy of the particles and the associated high degree of deformation on impact with the component enable the production of homogeneous and very dense coatings with high adhesive strength at a variable coating thickness of a few hundredths of a millimeter to several centimeters. Predominantly metallic coatings are produced, whose physical and chemical properties hardly differ from those of the starting material. In the latest cold spray system from Impact Innovations, a process gas, preferably nitrogen or helium, is fed to a spray gun at up to 60 bar pressure and heated to maximum temperatures of up to 1100°C in the gun housing.

Brands: The German-based company is a pioneer and innovator for customized solutions in the field of cold spraying, a highly innovative process for metallic coatings and additive manufacturing.