NSL Analytical Services

Cleveland,  OH 
United States
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Validating Powders, Products & Feedstock
Since 1945, NSL Analytical has helped customers verify the highest standards of materials quality, performance and safety in their products. Customers trust us with their most critical materials testing needs.  Specializing in advanced materials and ceramics testing for multiple verticals including the aerospace, nuclear and healthcare industries, NSL carries the accreditations you need. Our clients appreciate the fast turnaround time and the technology they continually invest in to produce accurate, reliable results.

NSL supports innovation by testing powder metal feedstock, prototype designs and final product in the Additive Manufacturing Industry

  • Chemical Composition – Analysis of Specification Elements, Trace and Major Elements
  • Powder Characterization – Flow Rate, Particle Size Distribution and Particle Shape
  • Metallurgical Analysis – Mechanical Testing, Grain Structure and Failure Analysis

Trust NSL, contact us at NSLanalytical.com/industries/additive-manufacturing or call 877.560.3875

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