Thermo-Calc Software Inc.

McMurray,  PA 
United States
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Solutions for when the materials data you need doesn't exist

Solutions for when the materials data you need doesn't exist.

Thermo-Calc Software develops computational tools to predict a wide range of materials property data as a function of composition and temperature without performing costly, time-consuming experiments or making estimations based on the limited data available.

Thermo-Calc empowers metallurgists, researchers, and process engineers to:

Fill the gaps in their material property data and generate insights into materials behavior throughout the materials life cycle.

Provide higher fidelity data for input into Finite Element modeling tools

Predict how actual vs nominal chemistries affect processing windows.

Accelerate materials development while reducing risk.

Troubleshoot issues during materials processing.

More than 40 databases are available s for Steels, Al-, Ti-, Mg-, Cu-, HEAs, Ni-superalloys, Ultra High Temperature Materials, permanent magnets, oxides and more.

Brands: Thermo-Calc DICTRA TC-PRISMA TC-Python CALPHAD-based software and databases