Middleton,  WI 
United States
  • Booth: 436

Interested in CALPHAD tools? Please visit us at booth 436.

Established in 1996, CompuTherm LLC is one of the leading developers of software and databases for thermodynamic calculation and kinetic simulation using the CALPHAD method. Our products include Pandat software suite, thermodynamic databases, mobility databases, and thermo-physical property databases for numerous alloy systems, such as Al-, Co-, Fe-, Mg-, Ni-, Ti-, TiAl-based alloys, high entropy alloys, and refractory alloys. These simulation tools provide materials solutions on multi-component phase equilibria, diffusion, precipitation, grain growth, solidification, welding and more. They are currently being used by hundreds of institutions worldwide for research and industrial practice. Pandat is designed as an integrated software suite which includes PanPhaseDiagram, PanOptimizer, PanPrecipitation, PanDiffusion, PanSolidification, PanPhaseField, and PanPython modules. We also provide consulting service and develop customized simulation tools as requested by customers. Please visit for more information. Any questions? Send us an email to

Brands: Pandat software: PanPhaseDiagram, PanPrecipitation, PanDiffusion, PanSolidification, PanPhaseField, PanPython modules. Thermodynamic/mobility/molar volume databases for numerous alloy systems.