Nisene Technology Group, Inc.

Watsonville,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 408

A Little History about Nisene

Nisene Technology Group, Inc. is the world leader in automated decapsulation. We've been doing this since the 1970s, back in the days of the original Jet Etch decapsulation system — the very first automated integrated circuit decapsulation system. Much in the same way when you order a "Coke" at a restaurant when you want a cola-flavored soda, you say "Jet Etch" when referring to decapsulating an integrated circuit. The name for the process was coined back in the late 70s because of our famous original product, and it stuck.

Through the years we have developed dozens of models and several versions within each of those model families. All told, Nisene has designed at least 50 different types of decapsulation systems in the 30-plus years of serving the industries.

Nisene continues to enhance its product line with the latest in technology and innovation. It is our goal to meet the demands of each of the industries we support with reliable, accurate, and safe tools. Contact us today to get in touch with a staff member directly.

Brands: JetEtch Pro JetEtch Pro CuProtect JetEtch Pro TotalProtect PlasmaEtch