Platform for Advanced Characteriation

  • Booth: 816

Micro(nano) scale characterization, Large-scale instruments

In microelectronics field, PAC-G is a single entry point that can guide you all along the fabrication process to characterize your device. Indeed we offer consultancy and access to a large panel of techniques that can be used for process and wafer characterizations such as topography mapping, micro-diffraction, EXAFS.

In order to probe interfaces and material defects (delamination issues or porosity), at stack and /or packaging level, we can use neutron reflectometry, small angle neutron and x-ray scattering (SANS & SAXS). 

At the system level, in a context of electronics reliability and failure analysis, our facilities can probe in a non destructive way full devices either by imaging techniques such as neutron (down to µm resolution)and x-ray tomography (down to nano resolution), or by testing radiation tolerance of the system to high & low energy neutrons, pulsed x-ray radiation.

Brands: IRTNanoelec, PAC-G, ESRF, ILL, CEA-LETI, LPSC, Soitec, STMicroelectronics, Schneider Electrics, IROC Technologies, SERMA Technologies