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Since 2001, TeraView has been the world leader in THz inspection equipment and continues to innovate in the semiconductor market.  The industry leading Electro Optical THz Pulse Reflectometry (EOTPR) technology, which was introduced in 2010, set the new standard in fault isolation capability by having the accuracy of 5 microns.  Having a robust installation base, TeraView continues to improve the EOTPR technology with faster data acquisition capability and deeper signal penetration .  This technology is adopted by major semiconductor manufacturers around the world, and has been used in isolating and detecting faults in 2.5D and 3D packages.  The EOTPR product offering comes in 3 flavors.  The EOTPR 3000 comes with a manual probe staiton for fault isolation engineers.  The EOTPR 4000 comes with an automated probe station for those who need to probe many points on the DUT.  And the EOTPR 4500 comes with an auto prober that can place a probe tip at sub-5 micron.  This purpose build auto prober is specifically design to address today's needs in advanced IC packaging fault isolation.

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