Intlvac Thin Film

Fort Collins,  CO 
United States
  • Booth: 702

Intlvac provides ion beam etching products to delayer contemporary integrated circuits (IC).  The Nanoquest IBE products precisely remove nanometer amounts of these electronic materials over the entire area of the IC chip.  The Nanoquest tool offers technology which opens the delayering process to new analytical and engineering tactics.  The technology uses low energy (100-1000eV) ions to minimize damage and intermixing.  It uniformly exposes and processes a complete die surface, layer by layer.  It is clean, non-contact and does not rely on chemistry.  It can remove any material whether metal or dielectric.  The material etch selectivity can be optimized.  It can remove microns of material within sub-nanometer resolution and repeatability.  Ion incidence angles can vary from orthogonal to glancing for polishing or feature removal.  Precision in-situ monitoring and control is a standard option.

Brands: Nanoquest, Nanochrome, Diamond Like Carbon, Midas Fiber Metalization, Nanochrome Long Throw Evaporator