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Predict the effect of alloy chemistry on heat treat windows

Heat treating is the controlled application of time, temperature, and atmosphere to produce a predictable change in the microstructure of a material. However, alloys are complex systems where the microstructure and properties depend on both the processing conditions and chemical composition. Variations in composition, particularly in terms of minor elements, affect processing windows. What do metallurgists and process engineers do when this information is not available?  Using Thermo-Calc, which calculates phase based properties as a function of composition, temperature and time, it is possible to make such predictions for multicomponent alloys.

Learn how Thermo-Calc can predict:

How actual chemistries effect processing windows and transformation temperatures such as liquidus, solidus, A1, A3, Ms

Diffusion as a function of alloy chemistry and temperature during carburizing, nitriding, homogenization etc.

The amount and type of precipitates as a function of chemistry, temperature and time.

Ms temperatures, Ms fractions and the thermodynamics and kinetics of pearlite formation

Brands: Thermo-Calc, DICTRA, TC-PRISMA

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